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I remember roaming my family farm as a kid taking photos with my Dad. I always loved it, but I never dreamt it could become my career. Fast forward to college and I fell in love with photography even more. I started taking photos for my college and wanted to learn as much as I possibly could about photography.

Before my senior year, I sent my now-mentor Ryan at Route 3 Films an email asking if I could intern for him. I loved their video work and I had my sights set on making videos too. I convinced him to let me hang out with him and his team for the summer. I had a great adventure and learned so much about the art of filmmaking. It was that summer that he helped me start Shawgo Studios! I still get to work with Ryan today.

During my summer with Route 3 Films, I started getting asked to photograph some of my friends' weddings. I immediately fell in love with photographing people's special days. Love stories became my favorite. I love capturing special moments for people that they can cherish forever with their families. 

When I'm not at a wedding or with the Route 3 team, I love hanging out in nature, going to concerts, or watching some hockey - GO BLUES! 


There's nothing better than traveling to me! I love exploring new places and seeing all that the planet has to offer. Whether it's New York City or a mountain town in Colorado, I'm always down for a trip.

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Live music is one of my favorite things to experience! Whether its going to a show or taking photos for a band I love, there's nothing better than live music. It's great when everyone can come together and have a great time. You can see a full gallery of my concert photography below.


I recently found a 1956 Argus C3 while at an antique store. I bought it because I thought it would look cool on my desk, but then I got to looking at it and thought it may still work. I picked up some film that same day, and sure enough, it still works! I took it to Montana and I love how the photos turned out. Check them out!

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