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On a trip out west, I discovered my true passion for photography by passing through some incredible places between Seattle and St. Louis like Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons on a 2,000 mile road trip. I was so excited to come home and edit the photos, and when I went to export the photos from Lightroom, I labeled them "To The West And Back." The name always stuck with me. It was on that trip with my best friend that I realized how much I loved capturing moments with my camera. 


The "To The West And Back" Podcast is about the things that we are passionate about as human beings. On this podcast I will feature artists, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, writers, and people who love the art of creating. We will dive into how they discovered what they were passionate about, how they continue to improve their craft, and so much more, like traveling, music, photography, and personal growth. The hope is that you can receive inspiration and advice for how to discover and grow what you're passionate about.


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